Khan Insurance Services has been in business since 1991. Unlike other insurance services that place insurance through only one insurance company, Khan Insurance services evaluates and shops for your premium from over 30 companies. The result is the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible premium. In addition to offering a full range of personal insurance, Khan Insurance services has built a solid reputation as a provider of Motor, Household and Commercial Insurance.

At Khan Insurance Services, we care about what you think and are committed to building stronger relationships. We treat our business partners as we ourselves would like to be treated -- with understanding, with respect, and with a great deal of sensitivity to their needs. This caring attitude becomes the very fibre of our brokerage and which shapes the way we conduct business and our relationship with employees, agents, carriers and policyholders. We do however aquire alternative quotes from responsible companies each year to assure you are receiving a competitive program in both cost and coverage.